Advantage Play Methods in Blackjack

Blackjack is a very rule oriented game, but at the core of it is rather simple. The rules make it more complex than it looks. There are different methods of knowing how to play with the different rules and these methods depend entirely on what kind of rules the house has decided to employ.

The rules that are used in a blackjack game are tightly related to how many decks the casino is using. The lower the number of the decks, the lower the edge of the house. This means that the casino has a lower chance of beating the player. Usually the most common deck number is five or six, however, there are casinos that like to draw the attention of people by using one or two decks. They make up for their lower edge by using rules that do now allow certain actions like doubling down or splitting, and in some instances even surrendering. These are only some examples. The more common casino blackjack games are subjected to simple rules. But rest assured, there are ways and methods that you can use to gain an advantage over the house.

Counting Cards

Even though counting cards is not considered to be illegal, most casinos greatly frown upon it, and you can get banned from playing in the casino if you get caught. Some establishments are a bit more lenient when it comes to card counting and you will only be asked to leave the table. Whatever the case, counting cards is the biggest advantage that you can have in blackjack. Counting cards is the act of keeping track of which cards are in play and figuring out the chance of a certain card being next. This is very hard and it takes practice, but once you figure it out you will have a significant advantage over of the casino.

Use the Split and Double Down Whenever You Can

Split and double down are two methods that you can use when you are sure your hand is better than the one of the dealer. Only do this when you are a hundred percent sure in your hand. Splitting is when you split both of the card you are dealt into two hands. Double down is when you double your initial bet. You can use these two together and get some great winnings. But, again, don’t do it unless you are sure of the hand you have.