Keep Your Eye on the Aces and Faces in Poker

If you don't have the time or self-confidence to join a real poker tournament, or if you're not serious enough to try to work your way up the poker totem pole, video poker is a good alternative. Poker lovers who aren't ready to join an online game can hone their skills by playing video poker, which shares the basics with "real" poker. If you know the card rankings – ace high, one pair, two pair, etc. – you can play video poker. (If you don't know the rankings, it definitely pays to study up a bit first.) In a typical game of video poker, the computer deals you five cards and, based on what you see, you can discard any card or all cards; discarded cards are then replaced, and you win (or lose) based on that second hand.

There are many versions of video poker on the Internet, but one of the best is Eurogrand's Aces of Faces video poker game. Following a strategy helps with Aces and Faces, with its emphasis on face cards (kings, queens and jacks) and aces. In this game, the royals rule and you can clean up if you get four face cards or four aces. The trick to all video poker games is to know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em; but once you figure it out you can win more consistently than if you were playing a totally luck-based slot machine. It's one of the reasons that video poker has such a big following the world over.