The Top 10 Tips for Blackjack in Las Vegas

If you enjoy playing blackjack at Las Vegas casinos and are willing to shell out money to play, here are several tips that could help you in realizing exactly what you are up against while helping you lighten the pinch of the overall establishment.

Although they were originally put together with blackjack casino games in mind, several of these tips can actually be easily put to use in both casino and online blackjack play:

  1. Use basic strategies of blackjack. The majority of blackjack players lose around 2% of each bet due to improper play. When it comes to casino blackjack, make sure that you have a general idea of basic strategies and do not be scared to ask dealers for some help if the situation is unusual. When it comes to blackjack online, consult books or websites instead to help in your decision-making process.
  2. Opt for crowded tables to make your time of play slower and your amount of hands fewer. Being the only player on a table of blackjack isn’t exactly fun if no interaction is involved. Plus, bets are faster to place, so it is possible to run through bankrolls in an instant. The exact same situations can be found on the internet, as well.
  3. Keep a watch that beeps every hour. When it comes to blackjack online, ensure that there is a visible clock somewhere as you play. When it comes to blackjack casinos, the sole way to get time would be to bring a wristwatch or pocket watch. Whether offline or online, constantly pay close heed to the amount of time you have been playing and limit this time to a reasonable amount.
  4. The hand of the dealer averages 18.23. Therefore, do not be scared to hit whenever basic strategies calls for it. Casino blackjack tends to take on an air of male chauvinism, where hitting modest hands is more risky and thus manlier options to opt for in the presence of friends. If you happen to be this kind of player, chances are that you are a fan of Britney Spears and a chain smoker at the same time. The point is: Never give in to peer pressure. It is better to win by playing smart than to lose by betting big.
  5. Only increase your bet when you are on a winning streak. By nature, humans tend to increase their bets when on a losing streak with attempts to make up for their losses. Increasing bets should really only be done when great situations are presented instead of winning streaks; however, it would be less risky to do this if aren’t already on losing streaks. This tip ensures that you do not double bets to make up for losses.
  6. Know that several tables of casino blackjack use the rule where dealers hit soft at 17 to increase the advantage of the house. Because of this, you should actively search for tables in which dealers need to stand with 17s.
  7. The blackjack dealer of the casino will bust more whenever his up cards are from 2 to 6 and will finish more hands whenever his up cards are from 7 to Ace. Usually, basic strategies suggest standing whenever the house shows a 6, regardless of what your hand is. Because this appears to be counterintuitive, however, it becomes a highly common downfall for beginner players of blackjack. Either look to basic strategies or let dealers that bust cards become sources of brand new instincts for standing and not hitting.
  8. To find out the appropriate amount for a blackjack bankroll, multiply normal bets by 40. Doing this will let you play for reasonable amounts of time and after this time goes by, you can finish and leave. Also, it usually represents enough time to find a point that would be worth knowing when it comes to card counters.
  9. When it comes to blackjack, it would always benefit you to play versus small amounts of decks. Ask the casino you are playing in about the amount of decks that they use and pay close heed to their rules of shuffling, how many times they shuffle, and how deep they go in the deck prior to reshuffling. In card counters, going deeper is always better.
  10. If you tend to play blackjack with basic strategies, you can reduce the advantage of the house to less than a percent.
  11. If you are just starting to play blackjack or play poker online be sure to read lots of advice articles and to limit the amount of money you deposit.


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