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The mobile casino offers almost any type of game you want now. These include mobile slots, mobile horse racing games, mobile blackjack and much more. Each game includes awesome graphics, great enjoyment and many other perks for hours of fun and playing time for all. And of course, mobile casinos offer poker games. But not all of them can give you an opportunity to play at poker tournament, especially in the most popular Poker World Series.

On the 5th of September, 2007, the second day of the Poker World Series championship event outside of America took place in London, England. This was the first time after almost four decades of history that the bracelets were awarded outside of Las Vegas. However, this led to some questions. Was the Poker World Series of Europe a real part of the legend of the World Series? Should bracelets have been awarded? And were people going to react well to this?

Rule #1

First of all, if we look at the numbers of statistics, the three Poker World Series events were definitely successful. The first event, which was a H.O.R.S.E. tournament worth 2500 pounds, consisted of 105 players and proved to be exceedingly tough. From these 105 players, 98 bracelets of the World Series were presented and the winner was Germany player Thomas Bihl, followed by Jennifer Harman who almost bagged the gold. The second event concentrated on a highly popular poker form in Europe known as Pot Limit Omaha, worth 5000 pounds. A whopping 165 players took part and a bracelet was given to Dario Alioto. Lastly, the championship event worth 10000 pounds brought in 362 different players from all across the world. These basic numbers show just how successful Europe’s Poker World Series has been.

Rule #2

Although it was successful, several problems did come about. In Europe, particularly in England, huge card rooms and casinos cannot be found in such amount as in America. Because of this, the championship event had to be divided and played in three different London casinos, which caused some problems for a lot of players. Having booked into hotels close to the main casino host (The Empire), several players weren’t happy to discover that they needed to play within the two other locations which were farther away from there. However, all in all, it seems that the events ended up running smoothly anyway and the players were happy, in general.

Rule #3

Should bracelets have been awarded at Europe’s Poker World Series? This question is definitely debatable, but they definitely should. Harrah’s, who holds the rights to the Poker World Series, probably considered this for quite some time and probably envision something similar along these lines within other areas, as well. If the Poker World Series has already made it into Europe, how much longer do we have to wait for it to make stops in South America, Asia, Australia or Africa? Even though the poker circuit events of the Poker World Series in America award nice championship rings, various continental events need to award bracelets to make champions recognized. Winning a tournament, after all, would be equal to being the continental champion, so it has to be properly recognized with Poker World Series bracelets.

Rule #4

Now, whether they have to be recognized with career bracelets that are won within Las Vegas would be a different matter. If Jennifer Harman had won the mixed games events of Europe’s Poker World Series, would she have been considered a three-time winner of the bracelet? This question is semantics, but should count with proper designations. Players who take a single event of Europe’s Poker World Series have to win over several of the greatest game players today. As such, they should be given the rewards that come with this accomplishment.

Are Poker World Series events that take place outside of America viable? Well, with Europe’s success, it wouldn’t be a surprise if other continents begin contesting for the crown to show that poker is truly a worldwide game. No difference exists between poker games in Las Vegas and those in London or elsewhere. What better way would there be to show this than by having continental championships, such as in football or basketball? No matter what kind of “World Series” it is, championships should be available worldwide, so everybody can compete to win the prize? Europe’s Poker World Series is definitely viable and the entire contest should be part of the entire world very soon. Now, click here to play joker poker!

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