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There are two variations of poker games offered at online casinos. The second variation of online poker has sub-divisions. This article will give you an overview about it.

In standard poker, players compete against each other to win. This cannot work online. Players must play against the house. Therefore online casinos have developed their own variations based on poker hand rankings. Poker hand rankings are created for each game. They are created by the computer based on the possibilities of all poker hands. This means that players compete against the house instead of each other but also experience some of the elements of real-time poker.


The first variation is based on draw poker. It will be found listed under poker table games in an online casino. The player is dealt 5 cards and can discard as many cards as he likes draw the corresponding amount of cards. When his hand is complete, it is compared to a payout table. All poker hands are rated and a list of values is created. If the value of the players hand appears in the published table, he has won.


The second variation is to be found listed under table games in an online casino. The two most popular games are Hold ‘em and Let it Ride. The outcome of the game is decided in the same way as the first variation. The computer calculates the winning odds and a list of values are created. If the value from the players hand is listed on the published table, then he or she has won. These two games generally follow Texas Hold ‘em to a reasonable degree.

The first sub-division of the second variation is 3 Card Poker. This means that there is a shorter hand ranking system creating a shorter pay table. The betting system is also different. A player places two bets. The first is against the pay table and the second is against the dealer. This means that the player has two chances of winning the game. This gives double the chances of winning over the other games.

The second sub-division of the second variation is Caribbean Stud Poker. In Caribbean stud poker, the players hand has to be ranked higher than the dealers if the player is to win. When this happens, the payment the player receives is based on his hand ranking as shown in the payout table.

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