Poker is Ideally Suited for Both the Gender

Women often express that they do not get equality in a popular game like poker. Many feminist moments happen to give woman upper position in the society. But the women do not always get the chance to use the poker in their benefits. Instead, they end up complaining about getting lack of equality.

Most of the women poker players seek for faults in their male opponents. There are two different types of approaches can be seen in the male players regarding their women opponents. One of them is the chauvinist male players who think women poker players are feeble and another type of male player is the macho players. They have different approaches towards the women players. Now we are going to take a look at them.

Chauvinists and Macho Man

There are some men players who think women are weak, tight and pretty much predictable. These players are known as Chauvinistic players. A chauvinistic player usually tries to be tricky and tough while playing against any women poker player. These players also have a tendency to not to look for any information that they can get from the women player.

In case of a macho man the situation is sometimes same and sometimes different. If a woman is playing aggressive then these players cannot stand that. They can never even think of losing to any women player. They think that women can never take the control of the game and only the men can win the poker. They always try to outplay the aggressive women players and sometimes end up losing.

How to Play Against Chauvinistic Men

The chauvinistic men usually become hyper aggressive when they face any aggressive woman. They can never think of themselves as the second best. Especially when they feel that they are the second best to a woman in such a game like poker they become hyper aggressive from inside. Women usually exploit them using this hyper aggression in them.

How to Play Against Macho Men

There is not much difference in playing against the macho men or chauvinistic men. But in case of a macho man you need to be very careful because he will never show his aggression clearly. These players usually become pretty deceptive especially when they get a good hand. In case of a chauvinistic player you can win even if you have little weak hand. But with macho man you need to be very careful while selecting the right hands to get involved with. You need to use the flops and raise or reraise at correct time. See everything clearly so that you do not get fooled by any trick.

The macho men never show off while playing poker. The chauvinists do that frequently. That is why the macho men are difficult to battle with. Macho men play their hands with over cards and with hidden aggression. While playing against a macho man you must not get involved without having any extra cards against him.

The Difference

One can use stereotypes as a tool so that she can exploit the mistake of her opponent men. But you must be very attentive to check all the details and other things. You cannot really differentiate a macho man and a chauvinistic person from there behavior. That is why you need to look underneath to figure out the distinction. The macho men are blindly aggressive against both men and women poker players where the chauvinistic men have no respect for the women and they think they can easily outplay the women. A chauvinist thinks of himself as a tricky player and often tries to portray themselves as the weaker one while they have a strong hand and vice versa.