Does Random Play Lead to Win in Poker?

What Is Meant By Random Play?

Random play is exactly what it says. It is where a player mixes his or her style of playing during a game and does not maintain a standard game strategy. This will unnerve the other players at the table hopefully causing them to make mistakes or flop regularly. It could be described as a diversionary tactic. Each player wants to win and will use all or any tactics to do so.

Below are a series bets that can be used to confuse and unsettle other players at the table.


When you enter a table you have obviously not added any money to the pot. You are described as “pot cold”. A Cold Four bet will show other players that you are holding very strong cards. This will normally result in fold outs from all players except those with 5* hands.


This is a hand that is strong enough to beat another player when he is bluffing. Normally bluff catching is performed on the river card. The river card is the last community card dealt by the dealer on which the players bet.


The Reverse Tell allows a player to give information about their hand to other players. Your opponent has to be watching what you are doing and be an observant player. If you are trying to tell him or her that you have a weak hand you would lean away from your cards. Conversely if you are holding a strong hand move closer to your cards. Because this is a Reverse Tell you do the opposite. A strong hand lean away, a weak hand move closer. It is a type of psychological warfare. The best time to do this is when an opponent is deciding what to do – should they bid (raise) or fold?

The above are only three examples of ways of influencing the outcome of the game. There are many more tactics and strategies that are available to poker players. It must always be remembered that poker is not just about card skills it also has a great deal to do with how a player behaves and reacts to occurrences at the table during the game.


Random play in poker can help a player to win. It is a tool a player can use influence the outcome of the game.