Razz Poker Game in Details

Razz Poker is another type of poker, a version that makes the base game much more exciting. It has a different set of rules that govern the game, however, this is not a tournament approved type game. It is more of a fun game that people like to play with friends.

Razz Poker is a game played with a maximum of eight players, each player is dealt 7 cards from a fifty two card deck. Mathematically speaking, if every player is to get seven cards and all players are still in-game, which would mean that there would be a couple of cards short. In this case the dealer needs to put the last card on the table, face up, and declare it a community card. This is the only time when a community card is allowed to be played. What is a community card? It’s a card that every player uses as his own without actually having it in his hand.

Now to get back to what Razz poker is. It is a very simple game and where the hand with the lowest value wins every time. Many people say it is a different version of Stud Poker and that is because in Stud Poker, the player with the highest value cards wins the pot. A hand in Razz is restricted to only five cards so a player must choose wisely. It is during the betting period that a player can see if the other people on the table have what they believe is the lowest hand in the game.

Betting in Razz

Usually this game has a set limit of bets. This means that a player is limited to a set number that can be bet during a hand. This limit is lifted after each hand and the people are allowed to bet once more, no higher than the set bet. The way cards are dealt in Razz is that every player gets two hole cards, or two cards that are face down.

The dealer has to deal from his or her left to right in order to properly deal according to the rules. They also receive a card which is face up, it is called the “door card” The person with the highest door card is obliged to be the first one to bet or to “bring it in”. They bet half or a third of a normal bet.

Famous Says

You have to learn what kind of hand this guy shows down, what that one's moves, watch the veins in his neck, watch his eyes, the way he sweats.
Johnny Moss (1975)

Have you ever got physically violent from a poker game, onto another player?




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