Triple Stud Poker – How to Play Game

Triple Stud Poker is one of the most fun variations of poker that are out there. It is a game mode that consists of three other poker games. It is a very common H.O.R.S.E game where players participate in the different games and whoever gets an entire H.O.R.S.E gets disqualified.

These games can be seen at tournaments but due to low skill level that is required not many official tournaments have them in the roster list. Nonetheless it is by far one of the most fun ones out there. The game mode does consist of three other games and those are very well known games - Razz, 7 Stud Poker and 7 Card STUD Hi/Low. Some of them have been around for a longer time than others and as you are about to read, some are variants of others

  • Razz
  • Razz is a simple game where the player with the lowest value hand wins the pot. Each player gets seven cards, but only five of those cards can be used in the hand. The way the dealing goes is that each player receives two hole cards then a card that is face up or bring-in. The person with the highest value bring-in card will be forced to pay half or one thirds of the size. Each turn a players get dealt a face-up card which determines who will be betting this round. After the forth hand is dealt the players receive the final and 7th card which is a whole one.

  • 7 Card Stud
  • In this game type you have to do the exact opposite, you are looking to get the highest value cards and the hand with the highest value takes the pot. The dealing and betting system is the same with the small difference that the player with the lowest “bring-in” will have to bet instead of the person with the highest.

  • 7 Card Stud Hi/Low
  • Here people can choose, weather to go for the highest or the lowest hand. The pot is split between two people, the one with the highest and the one with the lowest hand. Before deciding, people have to speak out what they are going for or show it with chips. Here a player can also get the entire pot if he has a “scoop” hand which would usually look something like this – A-A-2-4-5-6-6.