Women at Different Casino Games

When playing cards were invented during the 16th century, they became immensely popular among the female population. This was particularly so in France and Great Britain. It became particularly popular among the aristocracy and higher social classes.

Roulette was invented during the 18th century and was immediately popular with women, particularly the aristocracy. In the 1800’s the card game bridge became very popular and was played after dinner parties in wealthy houses. It has remained a popular game to this day.

During the 1950’s women were taken to casinos by their male partners. The women were installed in front of a slot machine while the men played card games or craps. This was done to keep the women amused while the men played the real games. This was fairly unique to American society.

In Pre-second World War society, it was generally considered undignified for a woman to be seen to be gambling. With the advent of the Second World War the attitudes of western society changed towards women. Women had a greater acceptance into a male dominated society.

It was not until the late 1960’s that women could normally be seen unaccompanied at casinos as players. Before this was unaccompanied, women at casinos would have been considered as women of doubtful virtue.

With the emergence of bingo halls in the late 1950’s and 1960’s women suddenly had the opportunity of gambling without social stigma. Casinos jumped at the chance of attracting this new untapped and willing form of money making. They rapidly introduced bingo areas where women were welcomed and once inside the bingo area, having human curiosity, they tried other games.

Today it is the norm for women to be seen playing any or all gambling games that are offered in a casino. It is more likely to see women playing the slots or bingo in a casino. Women are increasingly seen playing table games in casinos. Following the introduction of Women’s International Poker Tour it is now becoming more acceptable for them to be seen playing card games in casinos.

The social stigma has changed in the 21st century in the western world. It is changing in the eastern world but the change is less rapid because of the cultural differences between east and west.

Famous Says

The commonest mistake in history is underestimating your opponent; happens at the poker table all the time.
General David Shoup

Have you ever got physically violent from a poker game, onto another player?




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