2-7 Triple Draw - Poker Variation with Interesting Details

Deuce to seven as it is popular known is a poker game unique in that the low poker hands gets the jackpot at showdown, this is to mean that a player is issued with five cards which he/she can lay on the draw and be refunded the same amount while at it though one has the option of not discarding off the cards at the draw. Unlike other low games the rankings in this game are diversified in the nature of straight and flashes and the ace being pretty high. Blinds are forced bets in the normal language with players seated at the opposite sides of the dealer with each pointing different buttons (small to the right and big to the left) and an additional forced bet is instilled to either players and it is called an ante.

What to Know about Poker Games?

Five cards are issued to each player normally the description part facing down and the players are allowed to bet which is done by calling, raising and folding then the player seated on the let draws first. This to allow the players to discard off the cards that they do not like and pick others from the stack. This goes on until the players are satisfied with the arrangement of cards they have with them in their stack. Nevertheless betting goes during the drawing of the cards up until showdown where the player with the best set scoops up the bet money.

The drawing process is endless at times thus the deck is not enough, this is countered by reshuffling the whole deck once more leaving the last card to be dropped which dictates the order of dropping, upon reshuffling the deck is placed back to the middle of the players and the betting and drawing continues.

The player that bears the best set of the five cards initially issued wins the jackpot upon which another game is started, but if two players have the same set then the money is split in half to the players. The game is termed low hand because of the poor poker standards it is played as by. The methods of deciding the winner are varied since the players too have different roles and ranks with some being high hand and the other low hand. The likes of smooth and rough hands are also distinctive in this type of poker which lowers the worth of some cards if they come immediately after cards with more worth than them.

Of more interest are the wild cards, though rarely in use in the game once employed they represent the lowest hand that the game offer, the joker in this case plays as number 4. In the high and low split is done by declaration since the players have the right combination to take the pot. The dealer in the game serves as the server and the one who splits the money incase of the declaration and gives the money minus the house price to the winning party more or less like the other forms of poker.

Famous Says

The winner is not the player who wins the most pots. The winner is the player who wins the most money.
Anthony Holden, author of Big Deal (1990)

Have you ever got physically violent from a poker game, onto another player?




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