Courchevel Hi/Lo Poker Game Overview

Game Rules

Courchevel Hi/Lo poker is very similar to 5 Card Omaha Hi/Lo poker but with one major difference, click to read . One of the community cards is dealt face up during the pre-flop. This allows players more information as to how they can incorporate it into their hand before any betting takes place. This card is called the “split card”.

How to Play

As each new hand begins a marker is placed by the next player to the left of the dealer. This marker indicates the dealers’ button position for this hand. The button masks the position of the players at the table and also shows how the blinds are related to the button. Players in the small and big blind positions (immediately to the left of the button) have to place blind bids.

The first player places his bet which is governed by the pre-agreed limits of the game. The second player places the second bet again in accordance with the pre-agreed limit. The pre-agreed limit may be, for example, 1 unit for the first player and 2 units for the second player. The subsequent betting and raises made during the game are governed by the size of the blinds.

In pot limit games, the lowest bet is equivalent to the big blind. When you bet, it must be equal to the previous bet. The maximum raise is confined with the amount of the pot.

Betting Rounds

There are 4 betting rounds.


When each player has received the hole cards and the “spit” card is revealed, the first round of bidding begins.

The Flop

The two community cards are dealt and placed face up on the table. This completes the flop and now the betting begins.

The Turn

When the betting is completed on the flop the next community card is dealt. Following this there is another round of bidding by the players that have not folded.

The River

The fifth and last community card is dealt to the table and the final round of bidding is started by those players that have not folded.

The Winner

Each player reveals their hole cards. The player or players, with the best scoring low hand, share the pot with the player or players who have the best high scoring hand. The regular poker hand ratings apply in Courchevel Hi/Lo.